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Aux Belles Choses brings to you "beautiful things" from the French and English countryside. In their trips to France and England the owners search for "belles choses" for the home and garden, both old and new, finding these treasures in the flea markets, brocante shops and small ateliers.

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Box Set Knives Box Set Knives***
Vintage French "Allumettes" Box Vintage French "Allumettes" Box***
Bread Bin Bread Bin***
French Lunch Pail French Lunch Pail***
Crowns Towel Crowns Towel***
Box Set of Coffee Spoons Box Set of Coffee Spoons***
Porcelain King Cake Box Porcelain King Cake Box***
Set of 25 French King Cake Nativity Figures Set of 25 French King Cake Nativity Figures***
Tea/Butter Knives Tea/Butter Knives***
Tall Enamel Funnel Tall Enamel Funnel
English Toast Rack English Toast Rack***
English Cake Forks English Cake Forks***
Vintage French Enamel Coffee Pot Vintage French Enamel Coffee Pot***
Porcelain Float Box Porcelain Float Box***
Fish Forks and Knives Fish Forks and Knives***
French Canister Set French Canister Set***
French Cafe Canister French Cafe Canister***
Sub-Total: $1,016.94

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